Placing boom reaching into tight spaceBoom Flexibility

See for yourself how S 38 SX Schwing 'Reptor' Boom can reach into tight spaces. These animations show how it can place concrete where others find difficult.

The new Schwing S 38 SX Reptor boom has five sections with large opening angles making it easy to operate in even the most demanding applications. It's shown here in two testing situations, and also using the EASy Option - outriggers deployed only on one side.

Placing concrete at the opposite end of a slab in a multi-storey project is now easy work - See how the new Schwing S 38 SX Reptor boom handles it...

S 38 SX Reptor - easily reaching into a difficult space.

Using the full length of the boom under a restricted height is simple for the S 38 SX Reptor which can fully open in a height of 7.4 metres. See how the it reaches every part of the area being poured within over 30 metres...

S 38 SX Reptor - placing concrete under a restricted height over 30 metres away.

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