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Clients' Gallery

Some pictures of some of our clients' Schwing Stetter equipment on site.

O‘Shea - Separate Placing Boom - Schwing SPB32

O‘Shea - Separate Placing Boom - Schwing SPB32Hardcrete - Schwing S20 pouring a slabLovie - New Stetter Truck MixersLovie - New Stetter Truck MixersNew Stetter RA6 Concrete RecyclerThames Water - Schwing Sludge PumpReilly - Schwing S31HTCobra Pumps  - new Schwing S28XCobra Pumps  - new Schwing S28XCobra Pumps  - new Schwing S28XCostain - Schwing SP2800 pumping concrete at London Bridge StationR Pomphrett Pumping - Schwing S24XGround Construction Ltd - Schwing WP1250Reilly - Schwing S39SXReilly - Schwing S24XC & G Concrete Pumping - Mounted Schwing SPT500Swift Mixer Hire - New Stetter Truck MixerSouth Coast - Schwing S43SX at WemblyHarrington - BVR12 Placing BoomJohn Doyle Construction - Schwing SPB30 mounted on 20m octagonal columnSchwing S24XHardcrete - Schwing S20Harrington- Schwing Placing BoomNew Stetter Mixer TruckSchwing SPB Separate Placing BoomKelly Formwork - Schwing SP2800Schwing KVM31 Separate Placing BoomLovie - Stetter Truck Mixer filling a JCBSchwing S20 in the snowCamfaud Concrete PumpHarrington - Schwing Separate Placing BoomCamfaud - Schwing S39SXHeyrod - Schwing S43SXSchwing Mobile Concrete PumpSchwing SPB30 Separate Placing Boom at Lime HarbourGlencoe Plant Services - Schwing SPB30 & KVM31Axtell - Schwing S24XSouth Coast - Schwing S43SX at WemblyLondon Concrete Pumping - Schwing S36X in CroydonSchwing KVM31Dunne - Schwing S39SXHarringtons - Schwing Stationary Concrete PumpMitchellson - Schwing SPB30 Separate Placing BoomHeyrod - Schwing S43SXReilly - Schwing S31HTScwhing SPB30  Separate Placing BoomSchwing KVM31O‘Shea - Schwing SP2800Schwing S24XSchwing Truck Mounted SP500Ian Parker Contractors - Schwing S24XGlencoe Plant Services -  Schwing SPB30Harrington - Schwing Separate Plcing BoomSchwing mini concrete pumpLondon Concrete Pumping - Schwing S34X in PaddingtonReilly - Schwing S43SXCamfaud - Schwing SPB at Gypsy CornerCamfaud - Schwing S36XSchwing Separate Placing BoomMixIt - New Stetter Truck MixerCLR - Schwing S43SXNew Camfauds S28X Mobile PumpGlencoe Separate Placing Boom at BatterseaRamcrete S20 on siteRamcrete S31 on SiteReilly S39SX on Site in LeedsRamcrete S31 Pumping on siteNew Select S43SX on site in DerbyNew Select S43SX on site in DerbyNew Select S43SX on site in DerbyNew Select S43SX on site in DerbyCamfauds S 36 SX Direct Drive