Ultimately Schwing Stetter (UK) is an engineering company. Customisation is in our blood.

Schwing SPT500 concrete pump being mounted on a Mercedes 818If you want a specific storage system on your mobile pumping system or a mounted tool box on your truck mixer, we can do that for you. Or you might have a particular truck that you would like to mount a pump on to. Yes we can do that too - and regularly do.

Rob customizing a truck mixerIn fact however you would like your finished product set up, there is every chance we can do it for you.

We want your equipment to serve you properly and sometimes that means making a few bespoke adjustments. Mounting concrete pumps and mixers onto you choice of chassis, and include your choice of tailored additional fittings is just part of what we offer. If you have something in mind, just talk to us about it.

Work in action

To see some of our work in action, have a look at these videos showing a hydraulic fully opening drum flap on a mixer truck, custom engineered by the team. The first was taken before the safety guard was attached so you can see the workings. The second was after it was put on.