Stetter Concrete Batch PlantBatching Plants

Stetter have been manufacturing and supplying quality Concrete Batching Plants since the 1960s.

Sold all over the world, Stetter Concrete Batching Plants are well known for their longevity and reliability. Like all Schwing Stetter equipment, Stetter Batching Plants have an enviable reputation at the quality end of the market and are known to hold their value.

Stetter have recently made some adjustments to their range of plants - specificaly for the UK market. There is now no better time to look at investing in a Stetter Concrete Plant in the UK.

Range of Options

There is a comprehensive range of Stetter Batching Plants, all with fully galvanised aggregate bins and weatherproofed to stand up to Britain’s challenging conditions. These are divided into four series:

Stetter CP30 Batching PlantCP Series

The CP ‘compact’ or precast batching plant range produces up to 30m³ of fresh concrete per hour – ideal for smaller areas with a constant demand for high quality concrete. These come with pan mixers, so ideally suited to fine concrete like display concrete and polished floors.

Over 1,000 Stetter CP batching plants have been sold worldwide, proving the success of this smart design.

When used in combination with a compartment batcher, the CP series offers a reduced installation footprint and easy transport to other installation sites.

Stetter M2 Batching PlantM Series

The M ‘mobile’ or on-site plant series produce from 56 up to 114m³ of concrete per hour. These batch plants are designed to be dismantled and setup in around a week making them ideal for on-site concrete production. The M series ranges from the M1 with a pan mixer producing up to 56m³ of concrete per hour right up to the M2.5 delivering up to 114m³ per hour.

These mobile plants can be transferred fast from location to location on low-bed semi-trailers and quickly erected thanks to pre-installed and pre-assembled compact units.

Where construction sites need a supply of large quantities of high-quality concrete for prolonged periods, the Stetter Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant series offers the best and most efficient solution.

Stetter HN1.5 Batching PlantH and HN Series

The H and HN ‘Horizontal’, part of the static batch plant series ranging from the HN1.5 with an output capacity of 80m³ of concrete per hour right up to the H6 which can supply 184m³ per hour.

The design has put particular emphasis on easy maintenance access. Depending on requirements, the HN series comes equipped with either pan mixers or twin-shaft mixers. The H5 and H6 large-scale plants can designed to individual requirements, giving clients a product tailored specifically to their needs.

HN concrete plants can either be supplied completely assembled ex-factory or pre-assembled for export and completed with locally produced components.

Stetter 'V' Vertical Batching PlantV Series

the V ‘Vertical’ series comprises of the V-AK, producing 140m³ of concrete per hour, the V-AM from with an output of 160m³ per hour and the V-AG supplying 180m³ per hour or 260m³ per hour with a double-tower. That's almost enough to fill a truck mixer every 90 seconds.

The heating and cooling systems integrated in the concrete production process ensure that the required concrete temperatures are maintained under all working conditions, wherever the the plant is in the world.

The advanced modular V Series building block system allows for cost-effective individual solutions tailored to each client's specific concrete production needs.

Take a look for yourself at the quality of Stetter Batching Plants in this 3½ minute video...

See the list below of our range of concrete batching plant models. Click on any one of them for further details or call us if you would like to know more.

Batching Plants
Model Output Capacity Mixer Type Max Grain Size Aggregate Weighing Water Weighing Cement Weighing Ice / Powder Weighing Cement Types Aggregate Types
HN 1.5 80 Both avail. 90/63 3700 1000 1500 500/250 6 3-8
HN 1.67 89 Both avail. 90/63 4200 1000 1500 500/250 6 3-8
HN 2.25 104 Both avail. 90/63 5600 1000 1500 500/250 6 3-8
HN 2.5 111 Twin Shaft 90/63 6000 1000 1500 500/250 6 3-8
HN 3.0 122 Twin Shaft 90/63 7500 1000 1500 500/200 6 3-8
HN 3.5 132 Twin Shaft 90/63 7500 1000 2000 500/200 7 3-8
HN 4.0 148 Twin Shaft 90/63 10000 1000 2000 500/200 7 3-8
H 5 173 Twin Shaft 90/63 12500 1500 2500 1000/400 6 3-8
H 6 184 Twin Shaft 90/63 15000 1500 2500 1000/400 6 3-8
CP 30 TZ 30 Pan Mixer 63 1250 150/200 250/400 150/50 1-3 4
CP 30 SZ 30 Pan Mixer 63 1250 150/200 250/400 150/50 1-3 4
M 1 56 Pan Mixer 80/63 2500 250 500 on request 5 3-6
M 1.5 82 Twin Shaft 80/63 3200 375 750 250/150 6 3-7
M 2.25 108 Twin Shaft 80/63 5000 680 1350 350/150 5 4-6
M 2.5 114 Twin Shaft 80/63 5600 680 1350 500/150 5 4-6
M 3.0 135 Twin Shaft 80/63 6900 900 1800   5 flexible
V-AK 140 Both avail. 90/63 5600 1000 1500 500/200 6 4-6
V-AM 160 Both avail. 90/63 7500 1000 1500 500/200 6 5-8
V-AG 180 Both avail. 90/63 10000 1000 2000 500/200 6 5-10