Stetter Recycling Systems

Stetter Recycling PlantRecycling your unused concrete saves you time and money, and also the environment.

It's frustrating to have underestimated the amount of concrete you need to finish a job. However you don't want to be paying for concrete that's going to cost you again to send to landfill. When you can reclaim your raw materials back from your unused concrete, those problems disappear.

Stetter Recycling Plant RA 4Being able to recover your raw materials from any wastage at the end of the day means a wider acceptable margin for error on concrete ordering, so you can confidently order enough to finish the job. It also means an end to paying to get rid of it afterwards.

Plus with public concern for our environment and guidelines from legal authorities requiring more ecologically responsible practices, recycling your unused concrete creates a win-win situation, looking after the interests of the community as well as your clients.

With many potential clients, including Government contracts looking specifically to work with contractors demonstrating sustainable practices, now is the time to jump the queue by investing in the ultimate concrete sustainable practice, recycling your unused concrete with a Stetter recycling plant.

The first Stetter concrete recycling plant was developed in 1976. Since then, our plants have proved their worth all over the world as extremely economical, reliable and wear-resistant systems.

Our recyclers are available in three sizes and offer convincing advantages due to their very easy handling, short downtime during wash-out and low costs of operation.

The list below shows our range of batching plant models. Click on any one of them for further details. For more information, please Download our Stetter Recycling Systems PDF Document (Revised 2013) or call us if you would like to know more.

Recycling Plants
Model Washing
Water Drum
Motor Feed Hopper
RA 6 6 0.1 6-10 0.9 5 x 3.1 x 2.4 1 x 3 kW 1.4
RA 12 12 0.2 7-12 2 5,7 x 3,2 x 2,7 m 1 x 3 kW 1.53
RA 20 20 0.33 8-15 4 7,3 x 3,2 x 2,8 m 2 x 3 kW 1.53