Pumping sludge with a Schwing sludge pumpSludge Pumps & Muck Pumps

When dealing with sludges and materials with a high solids content, Schwing Stetter Sludge and Muck pumps can help you clean up.

Schwing Stetter is one of the leading manufacturers of turn-key systems for the conveyance and storage of sludges and materials with high solids content worldwide.

Schwing Sludge and Muck Pumps come in a variety of configuratiuons for a large variety of pumping tasks.

PumpSchwing Stetter offer two control systems: The patented Rock Valve as used in our Concrete Pumps and also the poppet valve system which isolates the pump from the pipeline at the completion of a pumping stroke and prevents material from back-flowing into the pump and decreasing its efficiency.

demonstration of muck pumps with poppet valve designIn the Poppet System, as the pump cycles, the cylinder that is performing a pumping stoke has its pressure Poppet open and the suction Poppet closed. The cylinder that is being charged has its pressure Poppet closed and suction Poppet open. When the pump completes its cycle, the Poppets change their position such that the open Poppets close and the closed Poppets open (see animation - click on it to expand).

Our range of equipment performs a wide scope of applications including:

  • water treatment plants
  • waste recycling
  • building industry
  • mining, refineries, power plants
  • chemical industry
  • food-processing industry
  • Pump Variants
  • fodder industry
  • de-silting of rivers and lakes
  • paper industry
  • cleaning
  • residues

There are four available pump configurations and a wide range of accessories including control monitoring systems, hydraulic power packs and double screw feeders to help optimise the equipment for your situation.

Schwing Sludge Pump at Thames Water With detailed project planning, systems can be tailored precisely to individual customer requirements. All parts are dedicated Schwing Stetter, optimally harmonized components from piston pumps, pipelines and accessories to control systems, silos, continuous batching and mixing equipment and screw conveyors, all ensuring high reliability with low costs of operation and maintenance.

Please have a look at our Schwing Stetter Technology pdf document (3.65Mb) or our 'Push Floor' Material Handling pdf document (338Kb) for more information.

Below is the available range of Sludge Pumps and Muck Pumps. Please click on any item for more details and please call us if you would like any further information.

Sludge Pumps
Model Type Max Output
Max Pressure
KSP 5 HD Sludge Pump 3 150  
KSP 10 HDV Sludge Pump 5 150  
KSP 12 HD Sludge Pump 7 125  
KSP 17 HDV Sludge Pump 10 130  
KSP 25 HDR Sludge Pump 15 80  
KSP 40 HD Sludge Pump 20 130  
KSP 45 HD Sludge Pump 30 106  
KSP 50 HDV Sludge Pump 40 130  
KSP 65 HDR Sludge Pump 60 100  
KSP 80 HDV Sludge Pump 70 106  
KSP 110 HD Sludge Pump 90 120  
KSP 140 HDV Sludge Pump 110 120  
KSP 220 HDR Sludge Pump 150 100  
KSP 315 XL Sludge Pump 220 110  
TAP 30 R Muck Pump 31 80  
TAP 50 R Muck Pump 50 100  
TAP 90 R Muck Pump 86 100  
TAP 110 R Muck Pump 110 100  
TAP 140 R Muck Pump 140 90