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Schwing Separate Placing Boom Model SPB30

Schwing Separate Placing Boom Model SPB30

Dunne were awarded the contract to construct the waste bunker at the Ferrybridge Power Station, West Yorkshire. This represented an extremely ambitious slide of the bunker. The total length of the walls equated to 305 metres. On completion of the in-situ rig build an initial 24 hour 3 metre high slip was progressed to reach sufficient height to install the hanging deck and to ensure the walls were constructed without any joints until they reached a height greater than the level of the water table.

Thereafter the slide was progressed on a 24 hour basis for a height of 23.5 metres where Dunne temporarily halted progress to carry out necessary modifications to the rig due to changes in the bunker design. Finally on completion of the modifications a final 24 hour slide was progressed to construct the final 3 metres in height of wall. Key performance indicators are as follows:-

Main Slide
  • Average Rate of climb per 12 hours – 1.6 metres
  • Total volume of concrete placed – 5,000m3
  • Total tonnage of reinforcement fixed – 800 tonnes
  • Average volume of concrete placed per 12 hours – 350m3
  • Average tonnage of reinforcement fixed per 12 hours – 75 tonnes
  • Total main slide period – 7nr days at 24 hours per day
Overall Bunker Programme
  • Rig Build – 5 weeks (Mon- Friday, day shift only)
  • Slide inclusive installation of hanging deck and completion of adaptions – 15 days @24 hours per day.

Equipment used to achived this included a Schwing SPB30 Separate Placing Boom, a Schwing BP2800 Stationary Concrete Pump and a Schwing SP2800D Stationary Concrete Pump.

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