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Date: Monday 10th August 2009

Category: Achievment

Schwing Stetter breaks world record.

Schwing Stetter breaks world record.SCHWING-Stetter have set a new world record for vertical concrete pumping. Using a Schwing SP4000 stationary concrete pump, the team working on the Parbati Hydroelectric Project in northern India pumped concrete a vertical distance of 715m! The astonishing thing is that the SP4000 is not even Schwing's most powerful model (the SP 8800).

Schwing Stetter breaks world record. - 2 The contract was awarded on behalf of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation of India (NHPC) to Indian civil engineering firm, Gammon India Limited. The Parbati Hydroelectric Project Stage-II is a run-of-the-river scheme designed to harness the hydro potential of the lower reaches of the river Parbati, utilizing the total pressure head of 862m to generate 800 MW power.

This particular project was to create 2 pressure shafts each 1550 m long x 3.5 m diameter inclined at 30° to create a vertical drop of 750 metres. Gammon India Limited decided on a total Schwing-Stetter package for the job. This consisted of batching plants, transit mixers and concrete pumps from Schwing-Stetter-India, with the main shaft concrete pump BP 4000 S from Schwing Germany. These were all backed up by service facilities from the Schwing-Stetter Delhi office, with a service team on call for the whole project.

Schwing Stetter breaks world record. - 3 To start with the tunnels had to be excavated with a TBM from the bottom up. Then a steel liner was installed by lowering each 6 meter section from the top and welding it in place. The annulus would then be back-filling with concrete being pumped from the shaft foot upwards over a total 1.5km length and vertical rise of 750m. The total concrete required was around 7,000m³ in each of the two inclined shafts.

The total distance pumped of 1½km would be impressive in its own right without even having any vertical component, let alone a record breaking 715m!

The concrete pressure reached over 220 bar and the concrete at the top continued to flow at 12m³/hr.

The only ware parts that needed changing on the pump during the 7,000m³ concrete pour (plus around 2,000m³ of water) were two kidney seals. When cleaning out the pipe the required water pressure was also 220 bar. Being able to build up such a water pressure is proof of the self-sealing and low wear features of the Schwing ROCK valve. Any gap between the main wearing parts would have made it impossible to generate such water pressure!

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