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Date: Thursday 9th April 2015

Category: Achievement

Schwing Stetter Shortlisted for innovation award

Schwing Stetter Shortlisted for innovation awardSchwing Stetter (UK) have been shortlisted for the London Innovation of the Year category in the 2015 London Construction Awards.

The innovation which attracted the attention of the judges was a new fully opening drum flap on a mixer truck.

In January 2015 Schwing Stetter (UK) was presented with a problem by a prospective customer. They wanted some concrete truck mixers but as they would be used for dry batching they wanted to be able to visually inspect the mix.

Schwing Stetter has been making concrete truck mixers for over half a century and they come with an optional hydraulically operated ¾ opening drum flap. However as this wasn’t enough for a full visual inspection they asked if we could improve on this even further.

Schwing Stetter (UK) was originally an engineering company (Burlington Engineers) before being bought the German company Schwing Stetter so finding solutions to problems like this is a welcome challenge.

The engineers looked at the problem and decided that the simplest way to overcome it was to find a way to fully open the drum flap. This required a complete reengineering of the pipework adjacent to the flap as well as repositioning the hydraulic cylinder.

Schwing Stetter Shortlisted for innovation award - 2 As the hydraulic cylinder would now be pushing the flap a much greater distance, it would need to be put closer to the fulcrum to increase the distance the flap moved but this would increase the load on the cylinder as well.

The water pipe above the flap was extended upwards to come across just below the chute, leaving the way clear for the flap to open fully. The hydraulic cylinder was moved to one side, behind a safety guard and reconnected to the drum flap with a customised attachment.

The new system worked perfectly and the client was so happy with the result that they promptly ordered 6 mixer trucks with this facility.

Video of the new flap being opens can be see on the Schwing Stetter website customisation page here.

What the Schwing Stetter (UK) engineers did was to effectively redesign a concrete truck mixer back section to allow a full visual inspection of the mix inside the truck at any time without compromising the ability to close the drum with a flap.

Schwing Stetter (UK) Marketing Manager, Simon Densley said, "Its really great to have our work recognised like this and it certainly shows what a great engineering team we have here at Schwing Stetter UK."

The London Construction Awards are billed as the most prestigious awards in the London construction industry.