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Date: Tuesday 14th July 2015

Category: Achievment

Schwing release new S 43 SX III mobile concrete pump.

Schwing release new S 43 SX III mobile concrete pump.Schwing Stetter have just released their newest mobile Concrete Pump. The S43SXIII was presented to the public for the first time at the Paris Intermat show in April 2015 and will be going into full series production in January 2016.

The new 43 metre pump has been cleverly designed to cut operating costs while enhancing many of the features that makes the Schwing S43SX such a popular piece of equipment.

In order to help with costs, the vehicle length has been brought inside 12 metres (including the rear under ride protection). The whole vehicle, with full tanks (water, diesel and AdBlue) and large P2525 pump kit comes in at under 32 tonnes, reducing fuel consumption, and comes with a European Certificate of Conformity (COC) ex-factory. This all makes it quicker, cheaper and easier to register, giving you more time to earn money and less need to spend it.

Another major change has been to the geometry of the front outrigger and supporting legs. This means that a standard 4-axle chassis (with a distance between front axles of at least 1,750 mm) can be used without modifications whereas before, the second front axle needed to be displaced to make the necessary room for the front outriggers. This decreases the cost of production and ultimately the cost to the customer

A couple of additional features include a new pull-out waterproof delivery notes box and an LED lighting strip above the boom control area; small things that can make a big difference when you’re trying to get a job done in challenging wintery conditions.

Schwing release new S 43 SX III mobile concrete pump. - 2Old favourite features of the Schwing SX series are still there like the intuitive VECTOR and remote control and the front curved outriggers allowing room for the P 2525 long-stroke pump kit while offering the flexibility of extending them to whatever length is required. When space is limited the EASy Option allows for 135 degrees of slewing range with two outriggers extended on only one side, and 200 degrees with three.

From the company that invented the twin cylinder hydraulic concrete pump, the patented self-sealing low friction B ROCK Valve is still at the heat of the S43SX, offering both low ware and low maintenance. Being fast and easy to clean means the pump is quickly ready for the next job.

Schwing release new S 43 SX III mobile concrete pump. - 3The open hydraulic circuit which is only under pressure during the pumping process can work at low speeds leading to high fuel efficiency. It also allows continuous pumping of concrete at maximum power, even in high temperature environments while the simple hydraulic cylinder switchover system removes the need for more complex sensor monitoring, reducing the number of things that can go wrong.

SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps already achieve the highest resell values worldwide and these added features will undoubtedly increase the value for money that potential buyers will get from a new Schwing mobile pump.

Whilst series production of the new S 43 SX III is planned to begin in January, preproduction machines will be produced until then. The new S 43 SX III is ready to order now. Please contact Alwyne Atkinson on 07884 494 183 or at for more information.

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