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Date: Tuesday 17th December 2019

Category: Launch

Introducing the TP 100 compact trailer pump.

Introducing the TP 100 compact trailer pump. Schwing's new TP 100 represents the first compact pump from Schwing Stetter. The trailer pump (TP stands for trailer pump) is suitable for pumping screed, mortar, fine concrete and concrete (up to 32 mm maximum grain size), as well as for grouting work. The TP 100 was designed for a high delivery pressure right from the start of development, and with its 85 bar pressure, outperforms its competitors. As a result, the TP 100 can achieve greater delivery heights and distances, which means that its range of applications is wider than that of other machines in this class.

Benefits of the TP 100 at a glance:

  • high delivery pressure of up to 85 bar for a wide range of applications
  • high reliability due to proven components from SCHWING and production in Germany
  • powerful XS-ROCK valve for concretes with up to 25 mm maximum grain size, low maintenance costs and fast cleaning
  • powerful pump battery for up to 20 m³ output per hour
  • meaningful, practical options for individual adaptation of the TP 100 to customer requirements

Introducing the TP 100 compact trailer pump. - 2ROCK valve:
SCHWING has developed the XS-ROCK specifically for the TP series, which enables the conveyance of concrete with a maximum grain size of up to 32 mm. The XS-ROCK is the smallest member in the ROCK family and has the same advantages as its larger counterparts compared to the alternative:

  • quicker cleaning
  • lower wear
  • easier maintenance

Pump kit
With the powerful serial P0615 pump battery, the TP 100 achieves an output rate of up to 20 m³/h and a maximum pressure on concrete of 85 bar. The pump battery is connected on the piston side as standard.

Introducing the TP 100 compact trailer pump. - 3
During operation, the most important parameters of the TP 100 are displayed side by side on the large colour display of the control and can thus be detected at a glance. The simple menu guide supports the operator in the correct selection of machine parameters and in calling up the machine data and operating statuses. The integrated diagnosis system detects errors occurring and indicates these on the display. In addition, the operator is notified of the maintenance intervals.

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