If it's equipment to do with concrete, we have it here at Schwing Stetter (UK).

Mobile Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps - Product Information Schwing Mobile Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

These popular, versatile machines, a powerful concrete pump combined with a placing boom are ideal for many applications including low to medium rise building, foundations, slabs and many civil engineering projects. Product Information.

Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump - Product Information Schwing Stationary Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps

These machines range from SP305, ideal for all foundations and residential slabs through to the SP8800 which pumps the concrete to the top of the tallest structures in the world. Rather than an inbuilt placing boom of a specific length, these can be connected to any length of pipe to place concrete directly or via a separate placing boom. So far no length of pipe has ever proved too much for Schwing Stetter - including the Gotthard tunnel where we comfortably pumped concrete through 4km of pipe. Product Information.

Stetter Concrete Mixers Stetter Concrete Mixers

For dependable transport of concrete from batching plant to site, we have a range of Stetter concrete truck mixers available to get the job done reliably. Product Information.

Schwing Separate Concrete Placing Booms Schwing Separate Concrete Placing Booms

These dedicated distributor booms allow you to place concrete quickly and accurately where even a mobile truck mounted boom pump can't reach. Connecting directly to one of our Stationary pumps which could be kilometres away or many floors below, a Schwing separate placing boom helps you place the concrete fast. Product Information.

Schwing Stetter Stationary Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Spec - Product InformationSchwing Stetter Stationary Truck Mounted Pump

The SPT series are like our trailer pumps but mounted on truck chassis. What sort of truck you ask? Whatever sort you want. Our engineers will mount one on just about whatever chassis you want. This dedicated transport is also set up with storage for all your pipework and accessories so you've always got everything you need in the one mobile package meaning you are always ready for the next job. Product Information.

Stetter Batching Plant Stetter Concrete Batching Plants

All the concrete placement equipment in the world won't help without a reliable source of concrete. Our range of mobile and stationary Stetter Batching Plants can keep the concrete flowing with a single top end plant producing up to 260m³ per hour when twinned. That's almost enough to fill a truck mixer every 90 seconds. Product Information.

Stetter Recycling Plants Stetter Recycling Plants

Sending leftover concrete to landfill is expensive, but too little can cost even more in terms of wasted time. Recovering raw materials from unused concrete with Stetter Recycling Plant for reuse and save both time and money. (Not to mention the environment). Product Information.

Sludge Pump Sludge Pumps

Whilst pumping high solids content material isn't strictly concrete, with over five decades of experience in hydrostatically driven piston pumps, its natural that we would manufacture and supply Sludge and Muck Pumps as well. Product Information.

Truck Mixer Concrete Pumps Truck Mixer Concrete Pumps

These machine are ideal for supplying especially small construction sites with concrete in a simple and cost-efficient way. Product Information.