Service and Repairs

When things do occasionally break down or wear out, we are here to breathe new life into them.

Martin maintaining a Schwing S31HT mobile truck mounted pump from underneathOur engineers take pride in getting equipment in to its best possible shape. Whether it's replacing worn parts, tuning up the hydraulics, fixing a remote control or just changing the hydraulic oil, our engineers have the expertise and the attitude to return your equipment to you working properly and in its best possible condition.

Some maintenance jobs can be completed at our factory and workshop in Perivale while you wait. Others may require us to keep your equipment here for a few days. We will even send an engineer out to your site if necessary - which can be critically important if you are part way through a job and need to get a machine back to work in a hurry.

If you are using Schwing Stetter equipment we will play our part in ensuring it continues to serve you for many years.