Direct Drive

Direct Drive Exposed 360° continuous tip section movement.

The new Schwing Direct Drive sytem gives you the greatest existing flexibility for any boom on any concrete pump.

The DirectDrive developed by SCHWING engineers is a completely new drive concept for the boom elements of a truck-mounted concrete pump. Instead of a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic rotary actuator is installed in the joint, allowing for boom movements that were unthinkable until now. This grants the third boom element a remarkable opening angle of 330°, while the fourth boom element can endlessly rotate through a full 360°. SCHWING’s DirectDrive components are manufactured in Austria and Germany.


Demonstration of the pump workingOne for all

R, RZ, ZR or Z: with its unique flexibility, the DirectDrive makes the dilemma of choosing between the classic boom folding types a thing of the past. Because a truck-mounted concrete pump with DirectDrive adapts optimally to any construction site situation thanks to its extraordinary mobility. And it does so in no time at all: the last boom element can be folded in from both sides and swung past boom element 3. This saves time when relocating the machine and after finishing with the concreting work and provides additional flexibility during complex installation situations.


Direct Drive ExplodedAll-round power

Thanks to the toothed annular piston (shown in red) engaging with the internal gearing as it rotates, the DirectDrive hydraulic motor generates an especially high torque. At the same time, this innovative drive concept ensures safe and virtually wear-free operation.

Excellent response in realtime

The control block and hydraulic motor are installed next to one another in the DirectDrive. By controlling the DirectDrive hydraulic motor directly, the operator‘s control commands are immediately translated into movements, making it possible to manoeuvre boom elements with DirectDrive with extreme precision and responsiveness.

Boom Positions