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Inventing TechnoloyLeading the inventing

What sets Schwing Stetter apart is we have always invented and led the technology whilst others have have tried to copy.

With hundreds of patents, Schwing's hallmark has always been to lead the technology, continuing to invent new and better ways of doing things since the very begining. Indeed the company's founder, Friedrich Wilhelm Schwing started out as a master mechanic creating innovative products to make users’ work easier, more efficient and more economical.

This tradition and indeed philosophy of innovation has stayed at the heart of Schwing Stetter and is evident today in many ways including the new direct drive boom system, outrigger systems and the famous Rock Valve which still gives Schwing the edge over all other concrete pumping systems.

Direct Drive Exposed Direct Drive

The DirectDrive developed by SCHWING engineers is a completely new drive concept for the boom elements of a truck-mounted concrete pump. Instead of a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic rotary actuator is installed in the joint, allowing for boom movements that were unthinkable until now. This grants the third boom element a remarkable opening angle of 330°, while the fourth boom element can endlessly rotate through a full 360°. Product Information.

EASyFlex EASy and EASyFlex Outrigger deployment systems

Construction sites are often crowded. A complete support of the truck-mounted concrete pump is therefore not always possible. If required, SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps can be easily and safely supported in one arc with various outrigger combinations offering huge flexibility on the construction site. Product Information.

Outrigger Design Outrigger design

Depending on the size of the boom pump, Schwing has patented a number of outrigger designs which neither compromise on stability nor space. Wanting to both avoid the instability of multi-telescoping outriggers whilst at the same time keeping the outrigger internal storage from compromising the pumping technology, Schwing patended a number of designs based on a curved outrigger that solved both problems. Product Information.

EcoClean System Ecoclean

The EcoClean process from SCHWING-Stetter enables the use of all the concrete in the pipeline. This reduces material and disposal costs and increases the efficiency of the concrete installation. Without the use of the EcoClean process, 1 to 2% more fresh concrete is needed in a building construction project. Product Information.

Reptor Boom Reptor Boom

The 5-section Reptor boom has particularly large opening angles at the last two joints which allow an extraordinary mobility of the boom. Due to the roll-folding, the Reptor boom is intuitive to operate and easy to control even in demanding applications. Product Information.

Stetter Batching Plant Rock Valve

The most significant invention in concrete pumping since the first Schwing twin cylindar pump, Schwing's Rock Valve is still the benchmark for economic efficiency and robustness. It is is characterized by extremely low wear, a long service life and a very good cleaning ability and is the most important component of a two-piston concrete pump. The Rock Valve sets Schwing concrete pumps apart from all other makes. Product Information.

Poppet Valve Poppet Valve

The poppet valve system prevents a return flow of the pumped material from the pipeline into the pump by the safe separation of the pressure side of the suction side during the switching process, thus ensuring a quiet and low-pulsing pump operation. Developed by SCHWING, the poppet valve system is used for pumping fine-grained, pasty sludge with SCHWING sludge pumps. With these valves, output rates of up to 230 m³/h and a continuous output pressure of up to 150 bar can be achieved. Product Information.